Third Party Damage is the number one cause of pipeline damage in the United States. It is important to call the national One-Call number 811 before any digging occurs.

Call 811, before any digging activity occurs, and your call will be routed to your local one call center. The one call center will process a locate request, record the digging site and then notify each affected underground utility of your digging activity at no cost to you. View this state map to see if your local one-call center accepts an online request.

Most states require 48 hours’ notice to the one call center to allow the utility operations that have potential facilities in the area of your dig site to mark the approximate location of your underground utility lines. By contacting the One Call Center first, this type of damage can be prevented. Sometimes pipeline companies will require a representative present to monitor the safe excavation.

Once your underground lines have been marked for your project, you will know the approximate location of your pipelines and utility lines and can continue your project by digging with care and respecting the marks.

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